Buy erectile dysfunction medication online

Buy erectile dysfunction medication online

We need generics. By supporting these drugs’ production, we are not creating anything fundamentally new, but we are giving access to cheap treatment to people who cannot afford expensive insurance. In fact, companies that manufacture and distribute generics have saved thousands of lives. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you can purchase these drugs online. They have the same effectiveness as the brand name drugs but are sold at significantly lower prices.

U-Save-It Pharmacy (Rank: 4.1) | 101 GA-49, Byron, GA 31008, United States | (478) 956-3630

Been a member of U-Save-It Pharmacy for yrs now and never had any problems w service until now. The associate at the front counter saw me standing in line and started to close the window, as I approached her, she continued to close it, I told her I’m here to pick up my prescription, and she said, “I’m already running late for my lunch”, she closed the window after that. Talk about a lack of customer service, smh. So disappointed.

Every time I go to the pharmacy, ALL the ladies are very friendly and helpful with anything I need. They all deserve 5 stars. I’ve never had a bad experience, and I go to the pharmacy often.

ED Means Online Drugstore (Rank: 4.4) | 7050 GA-85, Riverdale, GA 30274, United States | (770) 994-0657

ED Means online drugstore is not so great. I had my insurance card and my savings discount card with me for my pharmacy prescriptions. The technician wanted me to call the insurance for her and ask for the bin#, pcn#, member #, and group,” as there was a long line in the back of me. I wanted a long time too to reach the front of the line as well. Either way, I felt that that is part of their job to do the homework for the customer to get all the numbers and questions they needed to fill up my script. I asked her, can you call them and just let me know when it is ready? She responded that I HAD to call them, in other words, no. I felt that they should do their jobs from A-Z and not just discard a customer like that to get to the next on as quickly as possible. In the end, I changed pharmacies and got my script filled out at CVS on share and, of course, much better service. Just turned in my card, and they called me when it was ready, and that’s it. Got my script…

Love the pharmacy šŸ™‚ but they need to update their hours on here cause the pharmacy is NOT open 24 hrs. Any day lol, and it’s closed on Sunday:)

Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta (Rank: 4.5) | (770) 635-3301

The pharmacy here doesn’t acknowledge patients that are waiting for their prescriptions. They all LITERALLY just stand there and completely ignore the fact you’re standing at the counter. Customer service deserves a 0 out of 5. They are rude here. I highly recommend going literally anywhere else.

Very upset that Guardian Pharmacy of Atlanta hours have not been updated on your web site. An urgent care center sent a prescription to Sam’s on Sunday, and we did not know that you no longer have Sunday hours… until we got to the store. We tried to see if Walmart would intercept the prescription to fill this afternoon. Not possible since Sam’s pharmacy is closed. This was a terrible inconvenience and making it impossible to start the medication until tomorrow.

Georgia Highlands Pharmacy (Rank: 4.1) | 260 Elm St, Cumming, GA 30040, United States | (770) 887-1670

My last delivery… I’m always the last one for some reason. If I could walk with no pain id be there in seconds. Sadly its been 3 days I had to remind them. Can you imagine the pain for 3 day’s no money on how to purchase Tylenol? My insurance pays for everything, so why the discrimination?

The script was ready. Parked in Aisle 10, called Georgia Highlands Pharmacy to let them know I was in the parking lot. The employee came out with a script, she ran my credit card, and everything was handled courteously and promptly. I recommend this service due to the current situation. Thank you, pharmacy staff!!

Phone: (770) 683-3180

Summit Minor Med, 549 Bullsboro Dr B, Newnan, GA 30265 Not everyone is aware of the negative consequences of anal sex according to medical experts from our pharmacy.

We will be closed: Dec 21, 24, 25, 28, 30 and January 4th